Shadows of Chivalry:

Courage, Chivalry, and the Relevant Life

I’ve heard that chivalry is dead, but it can’t be. We can’t allow it to die. Because when chivalry dies the weakest among us suffer. When chivalry dies, a great deal of good dies with it.

Several years ago, God put in my heart the importance of living a relevant life. Over the last year, I have seen a new side of it: Relevance requires both courage and chivalry. The three go hand in hand; but they don’t always go charging across a field in a battle—sometimes they simply press a much needed flower into a maiden’s hand. It is possible to change the world, not just for well trained knights in shining armor but for you and me.

This blog is an exploration—an adventure—to discover the intricacies of courage, chivalry, and relevance; and, for those who dare, it is a challenge to live what we discover.  Here, I hope to share with you not just ideas and ramblings but also real life examples and simple steps of of action through stories, essays, inspirational fiction, and much more.

This journey will most likely be a winding path. Only God knows to what destinations it will lead us. It will be worth the shadows, the curves, and the unknown, of that I am sure. I hope you’ll join me in seeking out what it is to live a courageous, chivalrous, relevant life.

 “Be of good courage, and let us behave ourselves valiantly for our people, and for the cities of our God: and let the LORD do that which is right in his eyes.” – 1 Chronicles 19:13

Do you have a story of chivalry or courage? Find out how to share it here.


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