Stories of Courage and Chivalry

IMG_7457Stories inspire us. They give us a standard to aim for, which we may have never dared to reach before. They teach us—so long as we are willing to learn. As this site grows and develops, it is my hope to share stories that will not only entertain but also teach us how truly possible it is to live courageous, chivalrous, relevant lives.

Do you have a story of Courage or Chivalry? I’d love to hear it, and maybe even share it here. The stories have only three guidelines:

  1. They must be true.
  2. You must have permission to share them.
  3. They must be about:
    • How someone behaved courageously or chivalrously on behalf of someone else, or
    • How someone benefited from the courageous or chivalrous actions of another.

That’s it! To share your stories, email them to stories at shadowsofchivalry dot com.

(Please note: I currently can offer only gratitude in return for these stories—gratitude and the knowledge that each story has the potential to change lives.)



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